Character Design
Two teddy bears met at the dump and fell in love.
However, they needed to follow different gravities,
Earth and the evil bear planet.   
The book named "Night-bloomer & Day-bloomer" was written in the flower's language.
"Night-bloomer and Day-bloomer fell in love.
They traveled to find the world where the moon and the sun could exist together in order to see each other's face."
Fashion Design
Steampunk Character Design
This bird robots work for the bakery shop to deliver and cut breads.
Hijo de la Luna(The Son of Moon)
Hijo's father is the moon and mother is the God of narwhal. 
His mother passed away and became the temple of narwhal.
Hijo visit his mother on her death anniversary to meet her spirit.
Inspired by the song "Hijo de la Luna" of Mecano
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